Jade Isles politics

The politics of the Jade Isles are steeped in tradition and ceremonial rites. Despite the technological revolution that has gripped the developed islands, the government and the majority of the population hold strongly to these ancient rituals and beliefs.

The Emperor

The Emperor of the Jade Isles holds power over the laws and regulations of the nation. The position is based largely on lineage, with few individual exceptions. At all times the Emperor is aided by a Closed Fist and an Open Palm, personally chosen agents from the dragonborn and gith races. The Closed Fist serves as the Emperor’s personal guard as well as his chief advisor in war affairs. The Open Palm is the Emperor’s consort and ambassador as well as his chief diplomatic advisor.

Although the Emperor technically has power over all the Isles, it is customary to allow wild dragonborn their right for separate tribal government and to not meddle in the affairs of the gith monasteries.

The Wild Tribes

On the untamed islands, dragonborn are the law of the land. Each of the islands has several dragonborn tribes that fight amongst themselves for power and dominance. Given the lack of central government and the Emperor’s policy of leaving them alone, traveling to certain islands can be a death wish for non-dragonborn or dragonborn not of the dominant tribe. Of course, some islands are quite peaceful and more than open for trade.

The Monasteries

Scattered about on all the island stand strange monolithic structures inhabited by the giths. The origin of these structures are unknown, but they serve as communal hubs for the gith. Only the Emperor and the gith race are typically allowed into these monasteries, but it is not unknown for those that have performed services for the government to be allowed access. The exact inner workings are unknown to the general populace, but it is well known that the giths are loyal to the Emperor, their monks making up a bit of the Isles’ elite army unit.

The Dragons

Ranking above the Emperor in terms of political power are the dragons, beings of terrifying power thought by some to be the incarnation of the gods. Where dragons live, civilizations rise up solely to worship and serve them. For the most part the dragons are content to dwell on their islands and be catered to, but some have taken a more personal interest in the workings of the Jade Isles and actively “advise” the Emperor. Whatever a dragon says is regarded as the highest law of the land, though, with disobedience being judged by the dragon itself (typically involving a less hungry dragon).

Jade Isles politics

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