The Circus

The Job : Seek out a rare plant will be leaving the city in two days. Group heads to the Circus for a break…
1. Event at the Circus, Bullets are let loss into the city, and the group becomes unwelcome at the Circus.
2. Break in at the local shop is thwarted by the group however, some of the thugs did get away.


Keothi’s Journal II

Me hate riting in stupid small book by PP say it good for me to keep doing it. Anyway, After sleep time at big new house, Me find card with name of strange man from big flying boat. Me decide Me want to go to mans house and PP say it okay.

At mans house, we greeted by small quiet man who no talk to Keothi. Me not know why small man not talk but Me not like it. Then Keothi get big cake, but Swindledick make it a small cake. Keothi eat small cake in one big. PP and weird man say something about going to get plant someplace. All Keothi remember from mans house is cake, get plant and can smash things, and we going to circus. Keothi excited about going to circus.

Me not know why Keothi was excited to go to circus… circus not even fun till Decon and Keothi join in and smash stupid large animals that get loose. Keothi would have smashed all stupid things but Swindledick make big pole small and tent fall down. The Keothi no can see anything. After that Me, Decon and Satire stop group from robbing store. Stupid dwarves hit hard, but Keothi hit harder. Stupid small half man get away.

Now Keothi tired so Keothi go to sleep.

The Circus

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