The Blyue Cruise

Situation: Current air ship is in need of major repairs and was left on the island of P???
Solution: Picked up on the great luxury cruise air ship heading to Kuzza. (The Prof. is to get some award for service to the World Navy)

Events that unfolded:
I. Keothi’s Cake
II. Decon and the Storm
III. Blyue Pirates and the dreaded Captain Razorwind
IV. Captain with the Blyues
V. Home-Sweet-Home


Keothi’s Journal (Surprising I know)

Me not know why PP make me do this. Me no like to write but PP say it good for to helping me remember stuff.

After stoopid flying boat crashed on Pindle, puny navy man tell us we got to go on BIG flying boat called Morning Star to get to Kuzza. Big flying boat captain called Dell, she pretty woman. Dell show us shiny metal spider and say, “Welcome to Morning Star. Don’t cause no trouble.” After that is best part of time on MS. Me get to eat big many layer cake. Stoopid PP make me share piece with skinny weak man name Lawrence Minnick but Me get 2 business card so it okay Me guess. Then we meet fury navy woman name Audi Ramsey. She say she top security on boat. Cake was good. Me also remember pretty man with pointy ears but pointy ear man no like Keothi.

After cake came big storm that shock Keothi. Me no like being shock. Feather man go up to see storm and say it not natural. Then Keothi hear sound down below. So Keothi and Decon grab PP and go to cargo place. Keothi excited to see pirates to smash with club!

Stoopid weak pirate man shock Keothi and others and get away with some kind of blue stuff. PP and fury navy lady say it illegal drug. Me wunder what it taste like? Decon see puny man nervous and Keothi chain him up for questions. Puny man say Captain Dell know about drug so we go to her.

Stoopid Captain think she can lie to Keothi and get away with it. So Keothi smash stoopid shiny spider and chain up Captain. When stoopid Captain woman not shut up Me want gag her but PP say no…

Me not remember much of rest of ride, but Keothi do remember jumping 50 ft in air when in cabin with Decon and PP.

When we get to Kuzza Keothi forced into meeting with Lord Admiral Chancellor man. He small man sitting so Keothi not pay attention to what he say. After talk that lasted tooooo long, small leader man give PP and group mansion.


The Blyue Cruise

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