The Jade Isles

The Jade Isles are a conglomeration of a few dozen islands in the southern sea. These islands are well know for their abundant wealth and power and possess some of the finest resources in the new world as well as exceptional arcane and psionic prowess.

These islands are where the majority of the world’s dragonborn, kobold, and gith populations can be found. The dragonborn possess their own territories and live in tribes all throughout the islands, though they are not an uncommon sight in the cities. The more developed sections of the islands are ruled by the kobold emperor Ryo who has recently come to power, while the gith are scattered about the islands and remain loyal to the emperor. Ultimate control, however, lies with the true dragons. It is believed that such creatures only live on the Jade Isles, and the inhabitants of the island hold an iron-clad loyalty to them to the point of worship.

The Jade Isles are its own independent nation thus leading to a very loose influence from the World Navy. The Jade Isles possess their own military force of gith monks and high-level magic users. Though not quite strong enough to challenge the World Navy for ultimate dominance, they are perfectly capable of defending themselves from other threats such as piracy.

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The Jade Isles

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