Lylh Albawm

Lylh Albawm is one of the oldest Mafia families in all of Kauzza. In fact the citizens of the island can not even remember a time when their large estate has not loomed over them. Because of this fact, very few people do not at least know of the family’s existence, even if they do not know some of the Lylh Albawn’s less savory enterprises.

Lylh Albawn’s usual legal activities include trade arrangements made across the islands between various investors, being sponsors of several public organizations and being heavily involved in government affairs. In fact from an outside and unlearned spectator’s view they may be seen purely as humanitarian businessmen. Of course though, there is another side to Lylh Albawn’s affairs, they are heavily involved in smuggling, piracy, drug trafficking, and the removal of any pest that they believe that gets in their way.

The current incarnation of Lylh Albawn is led by Don Albawn XII. Under his leadership, the family has flourished, their HQ becoming heavily updated with the latest constructs and technology. The family has also dramatically increased in size as it seeks out the best engineers and artificers of the age to place in their employment.

While a criminal enterprise, the The World Navy has yet to pursue Lylh Albawn in earnest. This is mostly due to the fact that despite all efforts made in the past, the mafia has a strong hold on a great deal of trade throughout the world, and disrupting them may send the islands into disarray. There is also suspicion of infiltration on both sides, and creating open conflict would only expose these members and lead to large amounts of bloodshed.

Besides the Navy, the Lylh Albawn face many competing family mafias. One family The Black Cuttlefish while not significant enough to cause real harm to the family has been known to try and heavily interfere in the mafia’s affairs. This may be led to a halt as their leader was recently killed, via what the physicians concluded to be suicide.

Lylh Albawm

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