Prof. Poseidon Tassadar

Treasure Hunter, or Military Tactician?


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Poseidon Tassadar, level 7
Genasi, Warlord (Marshal)
Build: Tactical Warlord
Warlord Option: Combat Leader
Commanding Presence Option: Tactical Presence
Elemental Manifestation Option: Watersoul
Thay (Thay Benefit)
Theme: Son of Alagondar

STR 17, CON 11, DEX 10, INT 21, WIS 8, CHA 10

STR 14, CON 11, DEX 10, INT 18, WIS 8, CHA 10

AC: 24 Fort: 19 Ref: 21 Will: 16
HP: 63 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 15

Athletics +10, Diplomacy +8, Endurance +9, History +13

Acrobatics +3, Arcana +8, Bluff +3, Dungeoneering +2, Heal +2, Insight +2, Intimidate +3, Nature +4, Perception +2, Religion +8, Stealth +4, Streetwise +3, Thievery +4

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Son of Alagondar Attack: Low Blow
Genasi Racial Power: Swiftcurrent
Warlord Feature: Inspiring Word
Warlord Attack 1: Commander’s Strike
Warlord Attack 1: Direct the Strike
Warlord Attack 1: Warlord’s Favor
Warlord Attack 1: Lead the Attack
Warlord Attack 1: Vengeance is Mine
Warlord Utility 2: Knight’s Move
Warlord Attack 5: A Rock and a Hard Place
Warlord Utility 6: Reorient the Axis
Warlord Attack 7: On My Mark

Level 1: Master at Arms
Level 2: Tactical Assault
Level 4: Lend Might
Level 6: Lend Strength

Haunted Hide Armor +2 x1
Couters of Second Chances (heroic tier) x1
Acrobat Boots x1
Light Shield x1
Chieftain’s Trident +2 x1
Amulet of Protection +2
== End ==


Poseidon Tassadar grew up in the Elven city of Silversun, on the Island of Silveria. He never knew his mother, only his father, a former Captain in the World Navy. His father, Darthmouth, never discussed his career much with his son, and more importantly, never told Poseidon why his mother couldn’t be with them. Secrets seemed to be important in this particular household, secrets Poseidon wanted to know. For example, why he didn’t seem fully human like his father. Oh sure, he looked human enough, except for the odd blue tint to his skin, and his constant clamminess. But something always seemed wrong.

All of Poseidon’s life, his father groomed him for the Navy, and for success. The physical work outs and sparring practices were standard, but his father was also surprised by his son’s intelligence. He even lost to his son in chess, and soon after gave him book upon books of military strategy, tactics, and battles of the past to study. This made Poseidon as knowledgeable as many veterans on the subject, and could lead the way to a high rank.

As soon as Poseidon’s 18’th birthday came, he enrolled at the Naval Academy on Kuzza. Once classes commenced, Poseidon impressed his professors so much that he was sent to officer training, so as not to be incorporated into the usual rabble of sailors and soldiers normally used on the front lines. Soon, he was put in charge of his own contingent to patrol and protect an outlying elven city that had issues with goblin raids. But the hard part was trapping the leader and forcing him to reveal information on a powerful totem the Navy wanted.

After successfully completing his task, Poseidon realized he loved locating and identifying treasures the Navy could use, from battles long ago. Thinking of clever ways to steal an amulet from a group of misfit Bugbears was fun by itself, and leading small groups to victory proved almost too easy. So, Poseidon requested from his superior officers a chance to really make a difference. He knew the Navy wanted powerful artifacts, especially from constructs, and he also knew where some of those might be located from his studies.

So, he was promoted to Lieutenant and given some leeway to recruit good members for his “hit squad”. But the Navy didn’t want outsiders to find out what Poseidon was doing, and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. The members Poseidon picked for his group couldn’t be trusted. So, he was also given a teaching position at the Academy, on Military History 101. In between raids, he usually assisted and gave lectures to new recruits on common tactics used throughout history, and of significant battles.

Now, onto the members of the group. These were found seemingly at random, and oddly enough, at the Billing Brothers Traveling Circus. It was the last night of the circus in town, and Poseidon was enjoying the show with some other members of his Naval class. The circus was quite intriguing, and went without occurrence…until he heard “This is a Robbery!”. The leader of the gang that had burst into the tent unveiled a large vat of Alchemist Fire…bent on robbery…or death. A bard seemed to almost magically change their “tune”, and while they were distracted, Poseidon and a couple brave members of the circus took them out.

Keothi, a retarded Goliath Poseidon had the pleasure of having in one of his classes, was the main threat. He swung his arms like giant clubs and almost killed 2 with one blow. Stupid as hell, but very strong. He seemed harmless enough, and Poseidon got to talking with him. Keothi hated the circus, “no challenge, me bored tons”, was often repeated. The idea was pitched, and Keothi said he would love to help. What a pick up.

Next came the bard, a famous celebrity on the intelligent islands. Satire was his name. So lovely, so kind, and so deadly when he had foes listening to his every word, Satire was perfect for jobs that required speech instead of blade. And then, a famous act of the circus, the hilarious and surprisingly dexterous character by the name of Decon Frostfeathers. He unleashed winds that scared the gang, and even lifted a few valuables off the members before they were carted away, all while giggling. Could be useful for item snatching. Finally, the first to twirl behind the guy holding the vat and stabbing him in the lungs, was the dark and mysterious Swindledick. He didn’t say much about himself, but gladly joined the group. Poseidon thought he was in it for the treasure, as Swindle was always cackling and rubbing his hands together, but maybe that was just paranoia.

The group stayed together for a few years like this, grabbing warforged components and other oddities, and whatever else the military needed. This worked well until Poseidon found out that the Navy was either destroying the items or using them for ressidum. History shouldn’t go to waste like that. Poseidon vowed to save as much as he could and secretly give some of the more significant pieces to museums and to those in need. A private venture for the group began, known as “Professor P’s Emporium”. The name wasn’t important, but it did identify the efforts in case someone had a request for an item.

Now, for their hard work, the group was invited on a luxury Airship to the Capital. An awards ceremony from the Navy was to be held, and presumably a prize to be given to the group. The story starts from here…

Prof. Poseidon Tassadar

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