The Blyue Cruise

Situation: Current air ship is in need of major repairs and was left on the island of P???
Solution: Picked up on the great luxury cruise air ship heading to Kuzza. (The Prof. is to get some award for service to the World Navy)

Events that unfolded:
I. Keothi’s Cake
II. Decon and the Storm
III. Blyue Pirates and the dreaded Captain Razorwind
IV. Captain with the Blyues
V. Home-Sweet-Home

The Circus

The Job : Seek out a rare plant will be leaving the city in two days. Group heads to the Circus for a break…
1. Event at the Circus, Bullets are let loss into the city, and the group becomes unwelcome at the Circus.
2. Break in at the local shop is thwarted by the group however, some of the thugs did get away.

The Great Escape

Keothi’s Journal III

Keothi do push-ups…

Birdman and Keothi on the run now from Kuzza. No more PP…


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