In the waning days of the third month of the year 1567 P.C. (Post Cataclysm)an airship left the docks of the Port of Morahpani on the isle of Astel heading towards the massive city isle of Kauzza. Its crew and passengers had little premonition of what was to become of the seemingly simple voyage. Up on deck the shardmind Annabrin, the half-elf Carick Fallior,and the Deva Kolyfyd took the time to rest and complete whatever various tasks they had yet to do on their way to their destination, while below deck the stowaway elf Shiaygo hid in the hold avoiding detection by stowing away in one of the barrels.

Sometime about an hour away from Kauzza the ship’s crew (including the Shifter Anja Braun, the Half-orc Koman Nisark, and the captain) was hard at work when another ship appeared on the horizon. It was clear after a few seconds that this ship belonged to the World Navy and it was heading right for them. The ship oncoming ship turned at the last second and the apparent commanding officer’s voice thundered, “Prepare to be boarded by the World Navy!” he said as the planks were being laid out. The trading ship knowing how things like this can go put up no resistance as the Navy commander and a host of armed soldiers.

The captain met the boarding party with caution and slight fear but it was apparent that the World Navy personnel also were uneasy. After a couple of minutes of dialogue it was explained that they were searching for a stowaway who had come aboard the trading vessel. They sent a search party below deck after checking the identification of all of the above deck passengers who were observing with wariness the entire situation. While below deck the Navy soldiers found Shiaygo who feigned drunkenness upon discovery and attempted to bluff his way out of his lack of identification and ticket.

The elven rogue was dragged up on deck where he was held in place by one of the larger soldiers still attempting to lie his way out of the situation the entire time. All seemed to be done and the crew and passengers were relieved beginning to look forward to getting out of this situation. However the Navy officer had something different in mind. His uneasy manner was replaced with cold down to the letter bluntness, “We have our man, However this ship was found harboring a fugitive. We present you with two options. Become basic rank members of the World Navy or die.” The captain and he squabbled for a bit when Anja thinking quickly (if not carelessly) fired her rifle at the captains head missing by a great deal of distance sending the boarding party into high alert attacking.

Koman Nisark the cook had just went up towards the top of the deck to view the state of the situation when the first shot was fired and was engaged by three separate individuals. Anja, The Captain, Annebrin, and Kolyfyd engaged the Navy officer in combat while Carick went in to assist Koman (who had effectively taken on the troops on his own. Leaving Shiaygo to struggle with his captor and escape from the hold allowing him to jump in the battle. The officer fell quickly allowing the entire group to assist the main combat on the stern of a ship. Koman, having effectivly overpowered two of the soldiers took them by the collars of their uniforms and rushed them out over to the planks connecting the two boats and dropped the men into the lethal energies of “the Stream”. The rest of the battle was quick and painless leaving only one man to fight against the various passengers of the ship.

He was knocked prone and Shiaygo attempted to kill him twice with a shot to the head (missing both times at virtual point blank) ending the poor scared soldier’s life the third time. It was done. The inhabitants of the other ship had been killed or at least weren’t going to go continue to attack. The Navy Vessel broke and drifted away while the bodies were dumped into the Stream to rid the evidence. But it was clear this wouldn’t stop the inevitable truth from occurring. Someone would notice a ship gone from the docks and would check what their last assignment was. Then someone would put two and two together. And the vessel would be once again hunted.

The captain, knowing this all too well proposed the group stick together to the Jade Isles where there they might seek refuge. Koman knowing the journey would be long proposes they stop at the Orcish island of Dòngwù Guójiā where they might retrieve necessary supplies for the trip.
Reluctantly the rest of the passengers agreed to go along as little option was left for them.

And so the adventures began…
The Blyue Cruise

Situation: Current air ship is in need of major repairs and was left on the island of P???
Solution: Picked up on the great luxury cruise air ship heading to Kuzza. (The Prof. is to get some award for service to the World Navy)

Events that unfolded:
I. Keothi’s Cake
II. Decon and the Storm
III. Blyue Pirates and the dreaded Captain Razorwind
IV. Captain with the Blyues
V. Home-Sweet-Home

The Circus

The Job : Seek out a rare plant will be leaving the city in two days. Group heads to the Circus for a break…
1. Event at the Circus, Bullets are let loss into the city, and the group becomes unwelcome at the Circus.
2. Break in at the local shop is thwarted by the group however, some of the thugs did get away.

The Great Escape

Keothi’s Journal III

Keothi do push-ups…

Birdman and Keothi on the run now from Kuzza. No more PP…


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