Mafia Work

Having been recruited by the Don, the party had gone to their rooms for the night, taking a rest for the next day.

Each party member woke to find a small bag in the middle of the floor. A note attached to the bag said, “Your dealings with Slade are appreciated. Meet me in 30 minutes upon waking.” The party did, and was escorted to the Don’s room.

On entering, Magefire, Del, Tinkyr, and Therin saw what were presumably the stuffed bodies of Slade and Heolos behind the Don’s desk. It had turned out that Heolos was a spy for The World Navy, and the Don had dealt with him accordingly.

The Don greeted the remaining members of the party, and told the party that the previous artificer of the Lylh Albawm family and Tinkyr’s predecessor, Master Azreal, was exactly the kind of person with the money needed to hire a changeling, in addition to the fact that he may have had a grudge against the Lylh Albawm. He asked the party to go investigate.

The party left, and soon arrived to the residence of Master Azreal. Tinkyr asked for Azreal at the door, and scuffling was heard inside, along with the locking of the door. The party managed to come in after a few moments of pondering.

They entered Azreal’s workshop to find four constructs which seemed to be inert. They inspected them, and the constructs came to life. After a short battle, the party went upstairs.

There, they found a suit of Finemail armor, which Del promptly requisitioned. In addition, they found a letter to Azreal from Lord Admiral Dracolnir, telling him that the plan was well under way.

The party searched and found nothing else in the room, then searched the workshop to find a small door leading to a stairwell. They decided to descend the stairwell, and reached the bottom to find a small room.

There, they saw Master Azreal in a cloak, with a glowing eye beneath the hood. “How dare you interrupt my ritual!” he shouted, and activated three more constructs. The party leapt into action, quickly defeating the now half-mechanical Azreal. With his last words, he said, “My Master is a greater power than even you serve!” and vanished.

Left with the constructs, the party was quickly victorious, with Tinkyr reprogramming one of the constructs to aid him. They looked at the ritual Azreal was performing to see to see the body of Lady Jackyllina in the middle of a ritual circle, metal piercing her body.

The party took her body, covered it in a cloth, and carried it back to the Lylh Albawm. They told the Don of their exploits, and retired to their rooms for the night.



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